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Shortcode Integration (Preview)
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Built In Instant Support Request Email (Preview)
Built In Custom Size Thumbnail Generator (Preview)
Built In Color Picker to Colorize Almost Anything (Preview)
Custom Template To Display Box As You Want (Preview)
Ability To Add Custom CSS/JS Code (Preview)
5 Built In Thumbnail Size & Custom Size Too (Preview)

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Shortcode Integration and Auto Generation Tool

Shortcode is the magical feature of wordpress and This "Category Box View" wordpress plugin allows you to integrate category box view using [mycatlist] shortcode on any wordpress page/post. Although the default settings will do lots of for you, you can still customize your output using various shortcode attributes like [mycatlist cat_length='20' post_length='20' excerpt_length='20'].

Actually, You do not need to remember all these shortcode attributes, because The plugin has built in shortcode generator tool to help you generate shortcode live while you are changing various options on plugin admin page. You simply have to copy the shortcode and past it on any wordpress page/post. See the below screenshot...

One Click Auto Insert To Any Page/Post

This plugin is not only limited to Shortcode, but This plugin can automatically insert box view on wordpress homepage if wordpress is configured to display static html page as homepage instead of displaying recent posts. You only need to tick the option inside plugin's option page as shown in below screenshot. You can also include box view on multiple posts/pages by comma separated list of IDs as shown in below screenshot.

Built In Instant Support Request Tool

Need help with Configuration ? Having issues in displaying category box view ? Having conflict with other plugins or your wordpress theme ? No worries, We have integrated support request form right into plugin's option page, so you dont have to look further and can get quickest support ever. see the below screenshot.

Built In Thumbnail Manager

The plugin has 5 Inbuilt Thumbnail Size from 50px to 150px, You can also configure custom thumbnail size to what ever you want. The plugin will Either Display thumbnail of the post (thumbnail is the image attached to post as featured image), or if it does not exists, It will try to display first image from within the post or will display nothing if no image found. The plugin can automatically re-generate the image in required size to save bandwidth and fast loading of website. See the below screenshot. You can resize, re-generate and align thumbnail as you want.

Built In Color Picker to Colorize Almost Anything

You can use built in color picker to change color of almost every element on category box view, can control border type, border size, border color, background color, category title color, post title color, post excerpt color, read more link color etc.. see the below screenshot. By Default, your wordpress theme's CSS style applies so that box view looks like a part of your site, however, you have complete freedom to play with the customization...

Custom Template & Custom CSS/JS code

We have given you the ability to arrange post_title, thumbnail, excerpt and readmore link with the help of custom template. The default template used is <h3>{title}</h3><p>{thumbnail}{excerpt}{readmore}</p>, however you can create your own template to re-arrange them. We have also given an easy way to integrate your own custom CSS/JS code easily to have full control on box view display assuming you are advanced user or developer. see the screenshot below.

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